The Underground Music Scene

The Underground Music Scene explores the Canadian music scene. All over Canada bands are practicing in basements, garages and rented studios in the hopes of making gold records a performing in front of sold out stadiums. We invite them to our show to perform in our studio. Afterwards our host interviews these bands so we can get to know them and their stories. Check us out at

My Job Rocks S1 EP4

Meet a vet and a chef.  

My Job Rocks S1 EP1

Meet a recreational therapist and a paramedic.  

My Job Rocks S1 EP6

Meet an event planner and a welder.  

My Job Rocks S1 EP2

Meet a portfolio manager and a corporate lawyer.  

My Job Rocks S1 EP5

Meet a TV host and a video game developer.  

My Job Rocks S1 EP3

Meet a nurse practitioner and a chiropractor.  

My Job Rocks

A show for teens trying to figure out what they want to do as a career. You can watch the show filled with insights, facts and most importantly footage of what real people like and don’t like about their jobs. There’s also a timeline with suggestions on how to get there.  So comment. Share videos. Tell […]


WIN HD Caribbean is the premier broadcaster of Caribbean television and music in Canada. Programs like The Dianne & You Show; Toute Bagai; The Caribbean Journal; West Indian Car Buyer; Cricket In Canada and many more are now available and featured on ROGERS CABLE 672 and BELL FIBE 659. You can also listen to 24/7 […]