The Underground Music Scene

The Underground Music Scene explores the Canadian music scene. All over Canada bands are practicing in basements, garages and rented studios in the hopes of making gold records a performing in front of sold out stadiums. We invite them to our show to perform in our studio. Afterwards our host interviews these bands so we can get to know them and their stories.

Episode 1 – April 9 @ 9 PM
Music Guest: Smrt Death
Spotlight Feature: Andres
Episode 2 – April 16 @ 9 PM
Music Guest: Delon Dior
Spotlight Feature: Elcee the Artist

Episode 3 – April 23 @ 9 PM

Music Guest: DillanPonders
Spotlight Feature: Claire Mortifee
Episode 4 – April 30 @ 9 PM
Music Guest: Kafaye Clarke and Jaylen Rosteing
Spotlight Feature: Cloud
Episode 5 – May 7 @ 9 PM
Music Guest: Kid Khaleo
Spotlight Feature: Dynesti
Episode 6 – May 14 @ 9 PM
Music Guest: Tika
Spotlight Feature: Phrarroh
Episode 7 – May 21 @ 9 PM
Music Guest: Brandon Anthony
Spotlight Feature – Lil
Episode 8 – May 28 @ 9 pm
Music Guest: SVDVM
Spotlight Feature: Jvnior
Episode 9 – June 4 @ 9 PM
Music Guest: Way Cool
Spotlight Feature: Smoke Dawg
Episode 10 – June 11 @ 9 PM
Music Guest: Shay
Spotlight Feature: Tasha Mac
Episode 11 – June 18 @ 9 PM
Music Guest: Grant Chris
Spotlight Feature: Hawi Quintana
Episode 12 – June 25 @ 9 PM
Music Guest: Jeff Sanon & JYDN
Spotlight Feature: Sega


The Underground Music Scene S1 Ep01

Artist Smrt Death and in the Spotlight Anders.

The Underground Music Scene S1 Ep02

This episode features Delon Dior. With the Spotlight on Elcee the Artist.

The Underground Music Scene S1 Ep03

This episode DillanPonders with Claire Mortifee in THE SPOTLIGHT.

The Underground Music Scene S1 Ep04

Featuring Kafaye and Jaylen with Cloude in THE SPOTLIGHT.

The Underground Music Scene S1 Ep05

Featuring Kid Khaleo with Dynesti in THE SPOTLIGHT.

The Underground Music Scene S1 Ep06

Featuring TiKA with Phrarroh in THE SPOTLIGHT.