My Job Rocks

My Job Rocks is an engaging, teen-oriented program that introduces Canadian youths to potential and trending career paths they otherwise may not know exist. Each episode includes entertaining interviews with professionals who are actually on the job — giving viewers a sense of daily duties, salary, education and required training.





Episode 1 – April 9 @ 8 PM
Forensic Technician
Episode 2 – April 16 @ 8 PM
Business Development Officer
Episode 3 – April 23 @ 8 PM
Forensic Technologist Firearms
Storyboard Artist
Episode 4 – April 30 @ 8 PM
Cave Diver
Episode 5 – May 7 @ 8 PM
Elevator Mechanic
Acoustical Engineer
Episode 6 – May 14 @ 8 PM
Transportation Planner
Episode 7 – May 21 @ 8 PM
Sign Language Interpreter
Locomotive Engineer
Episode 8 – May 28 @ 8pm
Music Producer
Episode 9 – June 4 @ 8 PM
Episode 10 – June 11 @ 8PM
Project Strategist
Episode 11 – June 18 @ 8 PM
Respiratory Therapist
Food Scientist
Episode 12 – June 25 @ 8 PM
Software Developer
Municipal Council


My Job Rocks S1 EP1

Meet a recreational therapist and a paramedic.  

My Job Rocks S1 EP2

Meet a portfolio manager and a corporate lawyer.  

My Job Rocks S1 EP3

Meet a nurse practitioner and a chiropractor.  

My Job Rocks S1 EP4

Meet a vet and a chef.  

My Job Rocks S1 EP5

Meet a TV host and a video game developer.  

My Job Rocks Season 4 Episode 12

Meet municipal councillor Lenny Epstein and software developer Lucas Dobrowolski.

My Job Rocks Season 4 Episode 11

Meet food scientist Silvi Siddhu and respiratory therapist Andrew Pickering.

My Job Rocks Season 4 Episode 10

Meet project strategist Becky Parker and principal Lorelei Eccleston.

My Job Rocks Season 4 Episode 9

Meet obstetrician/gynocologist Jamie Kroft and zookeeper Jocelyn Vasseur.

My Job Rocks Season 4 Episode 8

Meet music producer Ted Rosnick and blogger Casie Stewart.

My Job Rocks Season 4 Episode 7

Meet ASL interpreter Emma Dehez and locomotive engineer Tammy Van Kuik.

My Job Rocks Season 4 Episode 6

Meet barber Dwight Murray and transportation planner Kristin Olson.

My Job Rocks Season 4 Episode 5

Meet elevator mechanic Daniel Menezes and accoustical engineer Nicholas Sylvestre-Williams.  

My Job Rocks Season 4 Episode 4

Meet cave diver Jill Heinerth and photographer Dave Laus.

My Job Rocks Season 4 Episode 3

Meet Forensic technologist(firearms) Kelsie Burnley and storyboard artist Martin Sokol.

My Job Rocks Season 4 Episode 2

Meet Cartographer Brent Carey and business development officer Neil Farmer.


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My Job Rocks Season 4 Episode 1

Meet Forensic Technologist Fran Muller and Orthotist  Jasmine Tagg. 

My Job Rocks Season 3 Ep 14

Featuring Christopher Siddal a Court Stenographer and Natasha Gonsalves a Biologist.

My Job Rocks Season 3 Ep 13

Featuring Kate HannemanLee a Cardiothoracic Radiologist and Adrian Brown a Commercial Diver.