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My Job Rocks S1 EP4

Meet a vet and a chef.  

My Job Rocks S1 EP1

Meet a recreational therapist and a paramedic.  

My Job Rocks S1 EP6

Meet an event planner and a welder.  

My Job Rocks S1 EP2

Meet a portfolio manager and a corporate lawyer.  

My Job Rocks S1 EP5

Meet a TV host and a video game developer.  

My Job Rocks S1 EP3

Meet a nurse practitioner and a chiropractor.  

My Job Rocks

A show for teens trying to figure out what they want to do as a career. You can watch the show filled with insights, facts and most importantly footage of what real people like and don’t like about their jobs. There’s also a timeline with suggestions on how to get there.  So comment. Share videos. Tell […]


WIN HD Caribbean is the premier broadcaster of Caribbean television and music in Canada. Programs like The Dianne & You Show; Toute Bagai; The Caribbean Journal; West Indian Car Buyer; Cricket In Canada and many more are now available and featured on ROGERS CABLE 672 and BELL FIBE 659. You can also listen to 24/7 […]