Bedtime Stories for Men

Bedtime Stories for Men is a comedy series, with shades of action, satirizing typically male-oriented genres and delving into fantasy worlds to illustrate a modern day dilemma. Late 20 somethings are moving back in with their parents in droves and although they’re loved it’s becoming harder and harder to get them to seek their independence. If they won’t take a hint, maybe they’ll take a bed time story.

Here is a list of the TV episodes air dates on WINHD

Episode 1 – July 31 8:30pm

Episode 2 – August 7 8:30pm

Episode 3 -August 14 8:30pm

Episode 4 -August 21 8:30pm

Episode 5 -August 28 8:30pm

My Job Rocks Season 3 Ep 2

Featuring Dr. Vivien Lee a Psychologist and Gavin North a Bee Keeper.

My Job Rocks Season 3 Ep 1

Featuring Natalie Conte, a Global Compensation Specialist and William Graham, a Digital Project Manager.  

Future legends Episode 10

This episode sets the snow on fire. Watch Reece Howden grow into a force to be reckoned with in ski cross. Get in the zone with Brooke Apshkum and the sport of luge. And Audrey Shieh won’t let anything stop her from being one of the best in snowboard cross.

Future legends Episode 9

If defence wins championships, then defensive back Jacob Biggs is going to need a big trophy case. See how Orangeville’s own, Jake Daoust, is constantly bringing back boxing titles to his home town. And Aurora Cordingly has all the tools to become one of the greats in Lacrosse.

Future legends Episode 8

Watch Jahvon Blair takes the right path to achieve his hoop dreams. Reece Wilson-Poyton is an absolute natural at archery. And witness Justine Brassuer’s magic on ice in singles and pairs.

Future Legends Episode 7

Jaden Clayton shows you what happens when you have a great bond with your coach. Michael Nazwaski shreds any negative persona of snowboarders. And Isaiah Ingram is not a Hollywood made karate kid. He’s better.

Future Legends Episode 6

You’ll be amazed by Darlington Murasiranwa’s story as well as his soccer skills. Watch how Vanessa Roscoe keeps a family tradition of dominating on the Volleyball court alive. And look out Serena, here comes rising tennis star Bianca Andreescu.

Future Legends Episode 5

We’re gonna take you out to the ballgame to witness baseball elites Parker Savard & Noah London. And by the time you see this, track star Victoria Tachinski has probably broken another record.

Future Legends Episode 4

Watch Ivy Liao & Isabelle Xiong show us all that table tennis is serious business. And Xahria Santiago has no problem crossing the finish line first. Is it the shoes? No. Then what could it be?

My Job Rocks Season 2 Ep19

Meet a Sport Coach and a Genetic Counsellor.  

My Job Rocks Season 2 Ep18

Meet a VFX Artist and a Radio Host.  

My Job Rocks Season 2 Ep17

Meet a Librarian and a Dentist.  

My Job Rocks Season 2 Ep16

Meet a Hair Stylist and a Pharmacist.  

My Job Rocks Season 2 Ep15

Meet a Senior Tours Manager and an Immigration Consultant.  

Future Legends Episode 3

Witness Joseph Maxwell’s do-it-yourself approach to shot putting. Kylee O’Hara lets everyone know basketball isn’t just for boys. And Damien Giroux shows us that you don’t have to be the biggest player to be the best player in hockey.

My Job Rocks Season 2 Ep14

Meet a Water Resources Engineer and the Chief of Police.  

My Job Rocks Season 2 Ep13

Meet an Accountant and a Flavorist.

Future Legends Episode 2

Find out what drives Jason Ho-Shue to play badminton. Check out gymnast Ioannis Chronopoulos all around game. And guess what sport 6’9” Sharone Vernon-Evans is good at?

Future Legends Episode 1

Take a look at Nam Nguyen, who is already a world class figure skater. And follow the journey of two soccer prodigies, Carmen Marin and Noah Abatneh.

My Job Rocks Season 2 Ep12

Meet a City Planner and a Horticulturalist.