Bedtime Stories for Men

Bedtime Stories for Men is a comedy series, with shades of action, satirizing typically male-oriented genres and delving into fantasy worlds to illustrate a modern day dilemma. Late 20 somethings are moving back in with their parents in droves and although they’re loved it’s becoming harder and harder to get them to seek their independence. If they won’t take a hint, maybe they’ll take a bed time story.

Bedtime Stories for Men S1 EP5

The tragic tale of Stig Swarbuck, a regional amateur badminton star who half-assed his career, and struggled focusing on the details to make himself better.

Bedtime Stories for Men S1 EP4

Hear the story of rock climber/ social media star, Rocko Libra and the astounding consequences of feeling stuck and indecisive.

Bedtime Stories for Men S1 EP3

Tom’s presence at home has started to cut into Colin and Emma’s “personal time,” So Colin forces Tom to hear the legend of Dr. Langsam, a talented, but burnt out researcher.

Bedtime Stories for Men S1 EP2

This is a tale about DJ Samson; an entitled DJ who comes desperately close to losing what little fame he had.

Bedtime Stories for Men S1 EP1

The fable of Officer Griggs, a lazy, beatnick cop who shirks his duties and looks for the easy way out… until he comes face to face with true crime!